Gallery Companions



'My name is Ted. I am twelve and a half years old and I have lived in

Willingham all my life. I go to France quite a lot and I am bilingual, so I

can chat up les chiennes Francaises'



'I am Harley and I am about 2 years old. I arrived in Willingham from

Ireland via Wood Green. Life is good now and I get to go to the pub

regularly although I miss going out for the day with my mates back in the

old country.'



 ‘Bonjour, je m’appelle Belle, je suis francaise. I like to chase birds (mainly pheasants and chickens)

and bark at the postperson. I’m quite loving although I have a penchant for snapping at parish councillors.’




Hello my name is Archie and I am 2 years old.
I love children and I love playing with them. When I am on a lead I like to protect my mistress from big black dogs. I am mostly a very good dog and I now do as I am told. There are two times when I am naughty, one is when I see the postman's bicycle and I attack it (but not the postman!) and when letters are delivered I chew them up so my mistress has had to put a mailbox on the wall outside!



We are a bit koi about our names and we do carp about things a bit but in
general pond life is OK



My name is Digby. I have lived Willingham for all of my almost 3 years. My owners made me go ‘walkies’ in the Yorkshire Dales at Christmas even though it was cold and snowy! I much prefer camping in Norfolk and having a little  snooze. I am really well behaved apart from barking at adverts on the TV. They really annoy me!