Art in the Afternoon

Saturday 8th October 2pm - 4pm
Ploughman Hall

We may be taking a chance with this rather high-brow title, but rest assured the main object is to have fun. Everyone has a pretty good digital camera nowadays, so why not learn how to get the most out of it? Once you’ve heard Derek – and seen his examples – you can chat to him while enjoying the refreshments on offer – tea, coffee, biscuits, bread’n’cheese – or something stronger, perhaps?  And all with the Cornerhouse Trio playing in the background (their preference, rather than a “concert” format). Then settle down to Alison’s talk on her life and work as a novelist (she’s famous, you know!). Followed by more chat and refreshments before we get a hands-on insight into the making of a stage production courtesy of Willingham’s very own (and thriving) Stagecraft.

2:00 The Art of Photography - Derek Law

“Whether you have a top-of-the-range DSLR or a compact pocket camera, if you want your photographs to be more than just a record of events, then you need to consider the composition of the image - the art of photography. There are a few simple rules which can help and I will be illustrating them in this short talk.”

2:30 Music from Cornerhouse Trio

“We will be playing a selection of light baroque, classical and modern piano trios, mostly arrangements of well-known pieces in the Palm Court Orchestra tradition. Bach to the Beatles. Cornerhouse is made up of 3 local music teachers who just get together to play for fun.”

3:00 Alison Bruce

Author of Cambridge Blue, The Calling, and Siren, Alison will be talking about the writing process and her finished articles to date.

“I didn’t always plan to become a full time novelist but I can’t remember a time in my adult life when I wasn’t carrying a notebook and pen and jotting down my latest ideas. One day I hit on an idea that grabbed me so strongly that I decided to tackle a full length novel. It was whilst working on this first book that I realised I needed a police character and DC Gary Goodhew was born. I moved to the Cambridge area in 1998 and decided to make it the backdrop for the books because of its unique mix of characteristics. It is a relatively small city but has a worldwide reputation for education and science. On its doorstep lie tiny and relatively primitive rural hamlets (that’s us, folks! – ed.) yet it has an airport and fast rail links into London.”

3:30 Willingham Stagecraft Open Rehearsal

“We will be holding an open rehearsal as part of the Art in the Afternoon event. You will be able to see what WSC get up to when we prepare for a show: in this case Tim Firth's hilarious Christmas play, The Flint Street Nativity. There will be an opportunity for you to have a go, reading in parts if you want to. Or you can just watch (and laugh) at a distance. Next time auditions come around, you will know that you can come along and be greeted by a friendly, inviting group of people. There will be members of the group who are not in the Christmas play, milling around for you to chat to if you have any questions. Whether you want to see what is involved as an actor or director; or whether you are just curious about what goes on backstage, please join us. We can't promise diva tantrums or director breakdowns (though we aren't ruling it out) but we can promise fun and giggles!” 

Contact: Charlotte Prince, Secretary, [email protected]