The Willingham Free Press

We are a group who have apple trees in our gardens and have in the past watched our apples, and those of others, fall and rot each autumn thinking ‘what a waste’. We have been working with Watergull Orchards for some years now, initially based in Willingham but now near Wisbech. Watergull presses and returns bottled pasteurised juice as well as bulk raw juice for the cider makers in the group. We have expanded our activity to pick in abandoned commercial orchards but essentially for our own consumption.


Watergull Orchards are holding Open Days on the15th to 18th September 10am-4.30pm for anyone interested to see the production process in operation – see details here.


This year we will again picked for the Feast to raise money through selling juice derived from apples picked in a mixed traditional orchard by kind permission of a member of the Burgess family of Iram Farm Willingham.


We hope those who sampled and bought the juice last year will bein the market for more this year, so see you at the Feast Saturday morning market at the school, Saturday October 8th.