Willingham Feast 2011 - Ceilidh/ Hoe down

On Saturday 8th October: Ceilidh/Hoe down at the Ploughman, doors open 7.30 pm.

Admission: £7.50 adults (£9.00 at the door) and £5 for under 16s.


Advance sales at the Social Club, The Duke of Wellington, Willingham Post Office (from 12th September)

The event features the Lantern Band, one of the oldest established ceilidh or barn dance bands  in Essex. It boasts a dynamic front line of fiddle and accordion accompanied by guitar and bass and a top caller. The band includes players from such groups as the Wiccaman Ceilidh Band andthe T&B Band. The music for the dances comes from a global assortment including Russian and Greek, but mostly Irish, Scottish and American.

The band can also provide incidental music to provide a complete night's entertainment. The band works with some of the finest dance callers, including our resident caller, John, so the audience will be in the best possible hands, an essential element if everyone is going to have a good time. John is experienced in ensuring an enjoyable evening and will select dances to suit the ability of the audience. 

We have a number of different band line-ups and amplification available to suit your event, venue or budget. Ranging from the full four piece with caller to duo. 


Matt Miller (electric Violin)
Matt is a self-taught violin player who specialises in Scottish and Irish tunes. He has a large repertoire ranging from bluegrass, cajun, even the odd east european tune. He also arranges the band.  

Cynthia Miller (piano accordion, bodhran)  
Cynthia is the piano accordianist-having swapped over from classical piano. One of the leading players in the county, she is a stalwart session player. Cynth plays the principle melody, allowing for a violin counterpoint- the lantern band trademark. 

John Leyland (Caller) 
From Mersea Island, John is the only original member of the band. Progressing from guitar to the role of caller, John will talk you through the dances in his humorous fashion. When the mood takes him, he has been known to delight the audience with a few well-chosen songs. 

Glen Sommerville (guitar) 
Glen is a terrific guitar player who additionally often plays bass and fiddle.  

Mr Stuff (Bass) 
Another experienced musician who has worked with many notable bands.