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In common with other villages within easy access of Cambridge, Willingham has undergone considerable development and expansion since the 1970s, with the census of 1981 showing a population of 2540, that of 1991 showing 3350 and 2001 showing 3436. Official estimates in 2006 gave a figure of 3750 with 1687 households listed on the 2008/09 electoral register.

Willingham from the air
Willingham from the air

Despite this growth, nearly 30% work in, or within five miles, of the village. Willingham is sufficiently removed and separated from the urban fringes of Cambridge to be considered a rural community, retaining its own identity, village atmosphere and ethos.

Willingham is well served by shops and service businesses, also benefiting from an excellent medical practice and primary school plus an active library. St Ives and Ely are also very accessible, offering alternative shopping and leisure opportunities.

Willingham enjoys a quality monthly newsletter - The Willingham News - and the village supports a wide range of social groups, sports clubs as well as groups for children’s and young people’s activities. There is also a choice of pubs and eating places offering traditional English food, plus Chinese and Indian restaurants/takeaways as well as fish and chips.